Shamanic Healing

The energy connection

Many ancient healing traditions believe dis-ease to be caused by the presence of heavy energy imprinted on the luminous energy field, otherwise known as the aura. This could be through our own actions, life experiences, karma or through negative energy from situations or others - be it in the present life or through karmic or ancestral lineage.


Shamanic healing can help shift this energy using techniques such as bodywork, breathwork, sacred ritual, drumming, rattling and journeying to help clear and release it, enabling healing at all levels.


Once the imprints and limiting beliefs are released, we are able to move forward from the wounds of our past.

Shamanism & Healing

"Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation."

Exploring health modalities for over two decades, it was from around 2016 that I began to focus on deeper approaches to healing. After attending various shamanic courses and workshops over the years I began the shamanic training Temenos Touch® to learn more about these traditions and methods from a practitioner perspective.


This shamanic healing was developed by Evelyn Brodie & George Christie, Brighton UK and is based on the shamanic knowledge of the Q’ero tribes of the Peruvian Andes of South America and Anthropologist Alberto Villoldo PhD of The Four Winds, US & Chile and the work of Simon Buxton of The Sacred Trust, UK. It also combines other healing modalities such as family constellations, bodywork, tantric yoga, breathwork, meditation, past life regression and trauma healing therapy.


Working in this way seeks to enable body-mind integration, neuroplasticity and the resetting of neural pathways in the brain to facilitate healing and release trauma on a deeper energetic and cellular level.


Through working deeply and intuitively with the Universal energy field (which is and surrounds all things) we are able to restore health, transform blocks, limiting beliefs, empowering clients to heal and step into their true self, purpose and potential. <3

"Shamans work with the spirit or the soul. They heal illness at the soul level. They gain knowledge and insight from working with the spirits of nature such as rocks and trees, the land, and they gain knowledge from working with spirits of animals and humans such as their ancestors. For the shaman, everything is alive and carries information. You can call this spirit, energy, or consciousness."

White Plants

What to expect

Each session is very much client-led and tailored depending on individual needs.


Examples of some techniques used during a session can include:


> who am I/soul essence 

> illumination

> soul retrieval

> past-life regression

> clearing psychic daggers

> energetic cord cutting

> family constellations

> despacho ceremonies

> working with crystals and

   chakra balancing

> sacred rituals for self-care, growth & everyday living.

> breathwork for emotional clearing

> transmission of the Munay Ki rites – specifically the 'Bands of Protection' suitable for everyone and the 'Healers Rite' specific for those on the healing path.


A session usually combines a variety of exercises and can last around 1.5 hours.

1.5 hours - £120

Sessions can be held both online or in person dependent on the needs and exercises required. Please book in for a free consultation call or book a session.

What Clients are Saying About Shamanic Healing

"The exercises really helped shift my perspective on things. The feelings of anxiety have generally improved and my priorities seem clearer" - LK, London